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Stylish Holiday Season Fall Pajamas

Toni Scott loves these fall pajamas

Fall Pajamas for 2018 Fall Pajamas are here. That is actually a thing this year since Fall finally made it to Houston. Last year, I think we were still wearing flip flops in December but today I wore my favorite sweater. There is a slight breeze in the air and that means Fall pajamas are happening. Check out some of the ones I have purchased or plan to purchase this fall. Three J NYC There are so many cute fall…

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Featured Relationships

New Years Eve Couple Style

New Years Eve Couple Style by Toni Scott Photography Houston

NEW YEARS EVE COUPLE STYLE New Years Eve Couple Style for 2018. It has been a long time since I have been part of a couple. I have never been big on doing the couple thing. However, I believe how you spend the first day of the New Year sets the tone for the rest of it. This year, I am a little older, I am in a serious relationship and it is time to make changes. Since he is…

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Fashion Evolves Without Fur

Article on Fur by Toni Scott

Fur or Faux Fur? If you are an 80s baby then once upon a time you were in love with fur. If your mother watched Dynasty or you read about the New York Socialites you couldn’t avoid falling in love with a fur coat. When you saw the photos of them walking the streets of New York you didn’t notice that they were walking in 40 degree weather. You would notice their Chanel boots and those beautiful coats that wealthy…

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Featured The Skinny

Reese Inspires Whiskey Filled Teacups

Reese Witherspoon article on

Reese Witherspoon is phenomenal. I have thought that every since I saw her in the movie Election. Her new book definitely does not disappoint. Whiskey In A Tea Cup is a bestseller and a delight to read. When I found out she was making her way to Texas on her book tour, I was so there! Now, I will share my thoughts on Reese, the book and my experiences from that day. While being Southern isn’t all that popular lately, that escapes…

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Pinterest Inspires Decorating Originality

Bathroom Decor Ideas via Pinterest Toni Scott Photography II

Pinterest is one of my best inspirations. No, I didn’t just come to this realization. This is just my first opportunity to share my thoughts about Pinterest with you. Planning the decor of a room is a process for me. With the new house, I have really over thought it all. A few weeks ago, I was out at a vintage shop and found a stainless steel bathroom shelf with 3 shelves. I was so proud of myself once I…

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