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New Years Eve Couple Style

New Years Eve Couple Style by Toni Scott Photography Houston

NEW YEARS EVE COUPLE STYLE New Years Eve Couple Style for 2018. It has been a long time since I have been part of a couple. I have never been big on doing the couple thing. However, I believe how you spend the first day of the New Year sets the tone for the rest of it. This year, I am a little older, I am in a serious relationship and it is time to make changes. Since he is…

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Featured The Skinny

Reese Inspires Whiskey Filled Teacups

Reese Witherspoon article on

Reese Witherspoon is phenomenal. I have thought that every since I saw her in the movie Election. Her new book definitely does not disappoint. Whiskey In A Tea Cup is a bestseller and a delight to read. When I found out she was making her way to Texas on her book tour, I was so there! Now, I will share my thoughts on Reese, the book and my experiences from that day. While being Southern isn’t all that popular lately, that escapes…

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Favorite Restaurant Ever Ten Bells NYC

Ten Bells My Favorite Restaurant NYC Toni Scott

My favorite restaurant in NYC? Hands down it is Ten Bells in New York City. It is kind of a thing amongst my friends that whenever I get everyone together or have a special occasion, I am going to hold it there. If you love wine, small plates, good ambiance and excellent service, it is the place to go. When I originally moved to New York, I lived on the Upper West Side. From 72nd street to Harlem was my…

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Featured The Skinny

Fresh Fruit Summer Cocktails Totally Refreshing

Summer Drink Recipes from photographer Toni Scott

Love fresh fruit summer cocktails? If you are the type of person that enjoys a fruit infused Sangria or a Margarita with ginger as well as lime, you may be a fruit juice lover. However, it doesn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage to get your dose of fresh fruit juice. Of course there is nothing wrong with a cocktail. So I came up with a few fruit juice recipes that taste good with our without alcohol. Here are a…

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Decor Featured

Candle Decor Literally Lights Rooms

Candle Decor Toni Scott Photography Style

Candle decor is a must for me. Every since I have had a place of my own, one of the first things I always buy, candles. Before I even know what my decor will be, I buy candles. My favorite are monogrammed candles but I don’t discriminate. For me, candles are big part of decor.  Here are a few of my ideas when decorating with candles. Romance People will tell you that candles create romance in your home. That is…

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