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Candle Decor Literally Lights Rooms

Candle Decor Toni Scott Photography Style

Candle decor is a must for me. Every since I have had a place of my own, one of the first things I always buy, candles. Before I even know what my decor will be, I buy candles. My favorite are monogrammed candles but I don’t discriminate. For me, candles are big part of decor.  Here are a few of my ideas when decorating with candles.

People will tell you that candles create romance in your home. That is true and maybe I have always been drawn to them because I am a hopeless romantic. If you are trying to create a romantic scene in your home for a night romance, you can’t do better than candles. Just light a few and your space is transformed. However, they create romance because they are so calming. You don’t have to be planning a night of romance to want to create this scene in your home. If you are planning to take a long hot bath, just relax and catch your breath candle decor can definitely help you create whatever mood you desire.

Scented Candles
Yes scented candles can spice up the scent of your home but they can do so much more. I am a huge fan of Lavender when I want to relax. Lavender scented candles can for sure help with that. I light them throughout the house and pour a glass of wine and I am taken to a isolated beach. A few deep breaths in and you can wash away the stresses of the office, your mother in law or anything else you need to exhale and get over. Nowadays with all of the great packaging, candle decor serves more than one purpose. They soothe you, light up your home and make it look fabulous.

Candles Where
I love to put candles everywhere and my grandmother used to love to remind me that they may catch on fire. If she knew I put candles on top of books on my coffee table, I am sure I would get an earful. Lighting them on the top shelf of my wood bookshelf, what am I doing? But I am a responsible candle owner so I am not worried. I do not light them when I am worried about falling asleep with them lit. While candle decor can be gorgeous you always want to think and put safety first.

Candle Decor and Photographer Toni Scott

As a photographer, I am always trying to light up a room. What do you think? Does Candle Decor really transform a room?

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