Pinterest Inspires Decorating Originality

Bathroom Decor Ideas via Pinterest Toni Scott Photography II

Pinterest is one of my best inspirations. No, I didn’t just come to this realization. This is just my first opportunity to share my thoughts about Pinterest with you.

Planning the decor of a room is a process for me. With the new house, I have really over thought it all. A few weeks ago, I was out at a vintage shop and found a stainless steel bathroom shelf with 3 shelves. I was so proud of myself once I got it home.  30 minutes after viewing my buy with pride the “what am I going to do with this thing” feeling set in. It is a stainless steel wire shelf. That means you can’t sit anything on it like you would a flat wood or granite shelf. It is for storage but I also want to make sure it looks neat and matches the decor of the rest of the house. Since I am a very visual person, off to Pinterest I went.

Bathroom Decor Ideas via Pinterest Toni Scott Photography Intro

I found this picture and it is one of my favorites. Yes, I know it isn’t an actual bathroom. It is a kitchen. However, that is the fun thing about Pinterest. There is the opportunity to find elements of what you are looking for in different rooms if you can use your imagination. A sign that says “Stay a While” isn’t the most appropriate to place in a bathroom. I am not even sure books are appropriate in a guest bathroom. Not to mention that reading a novel in the rest room may take a while. One of the things I do love about this photo is the vase with the cotton plant. I also like the distressed wood candlesticks. 

Bathroom Decor Ideas via Pinterest Preppy Vixen Photography II

This is the next photo I that inspired me. It has these 3 canisters which I ironically already own. Originally they were in my kitchen and I displayed different types of pasta. Later, I decided they were a little too bulky and went with something else. For the past year they have been in a closet waiting for a new assignment. Funny that it escaped me that I could use them for so many cool things in the bathroom. Not just handmade soaps, I could use it for fun sponges I have collected from spas in different parts of the world. Once again I was inspired to come up with things that could go in the canisters. While it is a great idea, originality is the way to go. The same old boring and obvious choices like cotton balls or Qtips are no bueno in this case.

I would love to show you the finished picture but I am a long way from finished. Yes, I am one of those decorators that enjoy the process and drag it out. There are those mornings I will wake up, look at the shelf and find all new ideas. But good old Pinterest got me started. True, I am still old fashioned and I read decor magazines like Country Living and Architectural Digest. However, I can’t always sit and have a cup of coffee and read magazines. Pinterest is for the decorator on the go. You can come to for ideas but Pinterest is always a good idea.

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