Fashion Evolves Without Fur

Article on Fur by Toni Scott

Fur or Faux Fur? If you are an 80s baby then once upon a time you were in love with fur. If your mother watched Dynasty or you read about the New York Socialites you couldn’t avoid falling in love with a fur coat. When you saw the photos of them walking the streets of New York you didn’t notice that they were walking in 40 degree weather. You would notice their Chanel boots and those beautiful coats that wealthy women wore like a badge of honor. However, if you are a 90s baby and for sure if you were born in the early 2000s, then faux fur is where it is.

The Tide Turned

My grandmother had only one fur coat. She loved that coat and my grandfather buying it for their 25th anniversary was a big deal. There was even discussion about who would get that coat one day amongst my mother and her sisters. By the time my mother was coming into her own they weren’t nearly as expensive. She had 2-3 fur coats. My favorite was her white rabbit. I followed in her footsteps and dreamed of the day I would own that coat. But somewhere before I could actually be old enough to own it and wear it, fur went out of style.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the face of this movement. Ironically, people forget there was a reason PETA was started. It wasn’t sitting right with animal lovers long before they formed PETA in 1980. Animal lovers found a voice to discuss the suffering of animals raised or trapped for fur, even if they had to be radical. If you didn’t take notice, then throwing red paint on those who dared to ignore the message became the thing. Even if you weren’t paint shamed, wearing fur could garner you some very dirty looks.

Faux Fur Article by Toni Scott

I’ve Thought About It

For years I was a vegan and only went back recently because as a California girl I missed my fish tacos. I will admit that I really missed eating eggs and cheese as well. I would walk into a grocery store and see the plethora of meat and that was just one grocery store. It is overwhelming to think of the many animals killed in this country.

However, I also wonder if we have the right to make such a big deal about fur coats specifically. Leather is made from animals, that includes my favorite pair of cowboy boots, my best friend’s BCBG belt and most attractive designer bags.

In the end it has to be your choice. Fashion evolves and if faux is the thing it doesn’t have to be that bad. You know what would be awesome? A boudoir shoot in your favorite coat!

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