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Reese Inspires Whiskey Filled Teacups

Reese Witherspoon article on callmetoni.com

Reese Witherspoon is phenomenal. I have thought that every since I saw her in the movie Election. Her new book definitely does not disappoint. Whiskey In A Tea Cup is a bestseller and a delight to read. When I found out she was making her way to Texas on her book tour, I was so there! Now, I will share my thoughts on Reese, the book and my experiences from that day.

While being Southern isn’t all that popular lately, that escapes you if you grew up Southern. It may also escape you if grew up with a Southern grandmother that helped shape who you are today. There are things unique to a Southern upbringing you will always hold dear. Thinking back to some of my grandmother’s life lessons, her strength and the way she always had room in her heart for everyone makes me smile. It reminds me that Southern culture shouldn’t always be associated with all that is negative.

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While she is very aware of what is going and today’s challenges, she loves sharing the joys of southern living with her readers. Having embraced bluegrass (which I love), big holiday parties (which I also love), and her grandmother Dorothea’s fried chicken you can’t help but fall in love with these traditions all over again. It isn’t just about her Southern accent. It is the about the way she embraces the southern traditions that have shaped her. I must admit, I knew a book like this wouldn’t be far behind when she opened Draper James.

Another thing I must admit is that I love books. I have seen a lot of authors over the years. However, this was different.  Reese Witherspoon is not only a talented actress, she is a very strong and determined women. While she puts it all in a very pretty package, she embodies strength to me. Driving to the event that day, I remember thinking my only regret is that I didn’t have time to plan to take an entourage with me. She deserves a huge audience I thought. Ironically, while it would have been nice to bring my friends, I made so many new ones that day. Having the opportunity to talk to and meet other women that love this book as much as I do inspired conversations that made going alone worth it.

What I walked away with is reaffirmation of something I already knew. Life is something you should enjoy. Yes, you have ideas and yes there is always work to be done. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take the time to slow down, dress up, make biscuits and gravy, entertain friends or listen to some good music. There will always be another day to conquer the world.

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For this article, I was trying to think of some of my favorite Reese Witherspoon moments. Having lived in New York and being a fashion lover, I always refer back to her Vogue interview. The way she just flows through the 73 questions with ease is so reflective of her bubbly personality. She made me want a trampoline. I should also mention I found some great decorating ideas checking out her house.

In a discussion about her recently, a friend asked me why I love her so much. My friend said “she isn’t perfect, she is just like everyone else.”  My response was that is true, and that is why I love her. She has had her ups and downs, she has had her heart broken. Still, everyday she gets up, raises her kids, makes magic happen, gives back to her community while wearing her red lipstick and adorable curls. She is human and while she will be the first to admit that it isn’t easy, she makes it look easy. In my opinion that is the hardest task of all. 

Last, I have never been a huge fan of Whiskey but one of the things Reese would say is to follow your own path. Therefore, Vodka in a teacup it is.

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